Ongoing Coverage Pages!

Things have really been speeding along here at the York Daily Record, and I’ve been working on some cool things related to my beat.

Check out my writing sample page to see some of the ongoing coverage areas I’ve been covering, including the holiday shopping season this year (in progress!) and the Borders/Books-A-Million transition.

As always, I’d love to hear feedback on my work!



York Fair videos!

The annual York Fair just finished – and I covered two days of the fun and festivities. One of the things that is part of our fair coverage is shooting a video of something we find visually interesting.

Here are my two videos! Both were shot on a flip camera:

New Storify article!

Last week, I got a chance to use Storify for an article on sump pumps during recent flooding in York County for!

Check it out in the next post!

The hunt for pumps

With rain pounding York County once again, many residents are searching for the supplies to keep their homes clean and dry – and sump pumps are running in high demand. Below are some of the ways people are using social media to find pumps or the supplies to make their own.

@weatherchannel York county PA desperately needs water pumps for flooded homes. Are you dry and have one? Email
September 8, 2011
Also Cashman’s Hardware, E. Berlin, says will have pumps by noon. Anyone else? RT @xomelissasue Ace Hardware in dover just got 25 pumps in
September 8, 2011
I found a pump if someone needs one! I can try to leave work a little early today to get it to you this afternoon…
September 8, 2011
Getting supplies from dad and the pump he made for me ha (@ Dauphin Electric)
September 8, 2011
Word is my cousin @wolfgang_katlyn has 2 shop vacs, an extra pump and is willing to help.
September 8, 2011
OK #ILoveYorkCIty #YorkPA I made it through this lucky – so who needs my help today? -> have shop-vac will travel. Message me.
September 8, 2011

One York County resident chronicled her hunt for a pump – and ultimate success purchasing one -on her Twitter feed.

It all filled back up overnight. Taking a personal day to tackle this again. If anyone has a spare pump, I’ll love you forever!
September 8, 2011
Matt says we’re over a foot in the basement now. Heading to petsmart in hope of finding a pond pump or two.
September 8, 2011
Mom has a friend with a pump. She’s picking it up and driving it in from Wrightsville.
September 8, 2011
…and lowes is out of pond pumps. Only statuary pumps left
September 8, 2011
I’m on a list… (@ Tractor Supply Co)
September 8, 2011
Grabbing coffee for mom and breakfast for matt! Then, home with the new sump pump! (@ Rutter’s Farm Store #25)
September 8, 2011
Cashman’s Hardware in East Berlin, Adams County, advertised an impending delivery of pumps on their Facebook page Thursday morning
Cashman’s Hardware

Cashman’s Hardware – Founded in 1946 by Glenn Cashman. Located in East Berlin, PA., we take pride in our community and strive to put our customers first. We offer a variety of quality products and knowledge to help make your home the castle that you deserve.

New Photo

YDR: Common Cents Blog

As a business reporter at the YDR, I’ll be contributing to the “York Common Cents” blog! I’ve already done a handful of posts, and I’m really enjoying getting to explore my more editorial/personalized writing side.

Be sure to check out the blog and let me know what you think!

Quick Video piece at YDR!

It’s been a busy month-and-a-half! I joined the staff of the York Daily Record in York, PA as a business reporter and I’ve been really enjoying getting to explore some cool journalism pieces.

One thing the editors at the YDR emphasize is the multi-platform element of journalism, which I really like. For example, below is a quick video I shot for a story on the $1 coin and why it’s not very popular.

GetGlue – A New Way to Enjoy Media

My latest foray into social media is GetGlue – a network that combines the fun of Twitter and Foursquare with everyone’s love of media in various forms – movies, TV shows, books, video games, etc. It’s a simple set-up, you have followers and follow others (like on Twitter) and “check in” to whatever media you’re consuming at the moment – a typical post would say something like “I’m watching Dancing With the Stars.” Users then earn “stickers” and can add reviews of what they check in to (like on Foursqaure).

I really like GetGlue: it is another way to take the media you’re consuming to the next level and add interactivity – plus it’s iPhone application is really easy to use and free to download. Plus, as media professionals – it adds another way to market and track readership and consumption.

So I hope to see you on GetGlue – my profile is here.

Storify is Here!

Today has been exciting – I was at the Memphis Grizzlies’ Game Four win over the Spurs – and Storify, and amazing new tool to combine all the info out there on social media and combine it into a nice, easy-to-read format. Here’s my first venture into Storify – a recap of the Grizz game – Let me know what you think!

I have a couple things that I would change:

  1. Because it’s the beta version, some of the social media widgets don’t load correctly, which makes it hard to get the content you need
  2. I wish the author could add lines of text to add commentary to the story

Anyway, feel friend to follow me on Storify, I’ll be trying to use it and keep things flowing – it’s such a cool tool! And let me know your username!

Master’s Project

My master’s project is complete! The WM3 Project – a yearlong journey through the West Memphis Three case – was successfully defended and approved for graduation at the University of Memphis!

Congratulations to everyone in the class of 2011!